Unexpected Insights: What Can We Learn From A Spa Schedule?

Having the confidence to say ‘I’m creative’ rocks. We Are Unstuck’s purpose is to encourage everyone to tap into this creative potential, including those of you who would claim to that you’re ‘not creative’.

But we can’t deny it — there can be a downside to this creative confidence. The thing that fuels us can be the very thing that limits our impact if we let it.

That’s because we spot problems that we’d like to solve everywhere, all the time. In the office, 90% of our conversations start with the phrase ‘don’t you think it’s interesting..?’, or ‘did you notice that..?’. This passion and ability to identify shiny new ideas, products, and ways to collaborate can lead to brilliance, but it can be ever so distracting.

Every time a new idea appears. Which is often.

If you’re wondering ‘what on earth has this got to do with a spa schedule’ — here’s the link. Recently, Sarah took a day off to visit a spa, and was handed a schedule for the day. Whilst many might find this the polar opposite of relaxing, Sarah found it a great way to unwind a creative, whirring brain. The constraints on time and purpose allowed her to fully commit to the current task — a massage, a facial, or getting lost in a book (‘A History of Britain in 21 Women’) — without distraction.

As we know from both our own experience and our experience with clients, getting an idea into action is often the hardest part of creativity. Our project management backgrounds and ‘do-ing’ bias are constantly keeping the creative distraction in check. This is vitally important — if an idea doesn’t get delivered, it can never become an innovation.

So we’re making a point to focus on this even more in future. By clearly defining our goals and making these visible. By planning our time in chunks, and being mindful of where we’re spending it. By creating more clear check-in points as a team and making sure we stick to them.

We’re doing this because if you’re always only being creative, you just won’t have any impact.

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