Photo from Debbie Mills of the Snow yesterday in Cool Ridge, WV. Dusting on the grassy surfaces.

A couple or rain and snow showers are leftover this morning from Bluefield northbound into the Lewisburg area. Rainfall amounts and even snowfall amounts have been on the light side with many areas picking up less than a .5" of precipitation.

Showers moving through the area right now still before 10am.

This was good news because it kept our flood threat at a minimum along with the threat of messy roads totally out of the question. Rain and snow showers look to continue up until about the 6 or 7 o’clock hour in the mountains before drier air filters back in. Skies will remain overcast throughout the day with temperatures once again in the 30s and 40s.

Temps as of the 10 am hour in the upper 30s and low to mid 40s. Some areas already pushing 50 degrees.
Drier air moving in from the West as the frontal boundary lifts north. Taking the snow and rain away.
View of the snow upwards of 4" reported as of 10 am on I-68 in Frostburg back over to Sideling Hill

Definitely not feeling like Spring out there which arrives today at 6:45pm. Another day for the rain jackets and umbrellas to start along with the heavy layers by the drive time home. Slick spots could be an issue in the mountains this morning but that will be our only issue to contend with today as we count the last remaining hours of Winter. We may even see a break of sunshine by day’s especially if that dry air wins out early.

Spring makes its arrival hopefully with all of the fruits of its labor from flowers to the smell of beautiful fresh cut grass

Spring comes in on a gloomy note but the first full day of Spring looks awesome. We are looking forward to a stellar Saturday with temperatures back near 60 degrees. Some areas off to our south could be even warmer than that under plenty of sunshine . We continue with that sunshine as we get into Sunday despite somewhat cooler temperatures with a passing cold frontal boundary. The cold front will come through dry but temperatures could be upwards of 10–15 degrees cooler in most spots compared to Saturday.

Weekend in a nutshell looks absolutely stunning. Plenty of susnhine with highs near 60 degrees. A bit cooler on Sunday. Feeling a whole lot like Spring
With the warmer temperatures moving back in the pollen count looks to spike over the area. The main concerns being Poplar and Juniper.

Monday will turn even cooler with a storm system approaching from the south. Clouds will increase throughout the day along with the chance of a light shower or two in the coal fields late Monday night into early Tuesday morning. Temperatures will be back in the upper 40s and low 50s on both days with warmer weather midweek.

A few showers Monday and Tuesday maybe. Better chance next Thursday. Smooth sailing though as temps look good.

Tuesday afternoon looks dry as the warm funnel of air begins. Highs on both Wednesday and Thursday will be in the 60s with some areas even nearing the 70 degree mark. The bad news is that it looks as if a lot of rainfall could be moving our way so stay tuned for further details on that. Happy Spring!

Model run for next Wednesday into Thursday shows our next cold front pushing in to take away our warmth.

Something else to look forward as Spring is now here the Growing Season is right around the corner as well. Last Frost for West Virginia in the first week of May.

Average Last Frost Nationwide