Winning those digital marketing gold medals!

Are you ready to win digital marketing gold? In much the same way as an Olympic athlete with an eye on the podium, there are no shortcuts here. It takes time and effort to succeed, a structured programme, constant evaluation and refinement. But play the long game, and your digital marketing strategy will bring rewards.

· Take A structured approach

From your web design to SEO strategy, your social media marketing to Pay Per Click advertising, it’s vital to take a structured, planned approach that not only brings all the strands of your digital activity together, but links with your overall business objectives too. Just as an athlete matches up what he’s eating and the activity his carrying out each day to a step by step plan aimed at the end result, you need this kind of streamlined approach to your digital marketing for it to truly succeed. ‘Scattergun’ may bring some quick wins, but without a solid digital marketing foundation in place, you won’t see any longer term benefit, and you’re unlikely to win a place on the podium.

· Recognise the possibilities for ‘injury’

Every athlete dreads injury — it can knock back a training programme by days, weeks or months — in some cases it can even mean refocussing on a new goal if the original goal becomes unattainable. Failing to properly plan and implement a digital marketing strategy can lead to loss of competitive edge in the short term, damage to your online brand, and your business in the long term, and in the most serious of cases could lead to the collapse of everything you’ve worked for. Similarly, if you’re just getting started, working with a trusted digital marketing partner, an expert who can help guide you as you put your plan together and implement it, will make sure you set off on the right path.

18 months ago we started working with a new client, and engineering company working in a specialised sector. They had been working with a digital marketing coach, but the results had been disappointing, and had meant they were losing their competitive edge. Fortunately, we were able to evaluate where the problems lay, and to put in place a plan that we’ve been implementing (and evaluation, and tweaking) ever since. The results: an increase in web traffic by 33.6% with mobile views up by nearly 300%. Page views have increased significantly and the bounce rate has dropped. From the business perspective, enquiries are up, and his target customers (and his competitors!) are viewing his website. Measuring success is key to see real return on investment from your digital marketing activity.

· Understand what’s coming next

We live in a fast-paced, impatient world, nowhere more so than online. Keeping on top of the latest platforms and technology, the latest evaluation software and, more importantly, the trends they drive, can be a daunting task. Again, just as an athlete trusts his coaches to advise him on the best approach to diet, equipment and the latest training philosophies, so working with a digital marketing coach can help. They are the experts, they can advise you what’s hot — and more importantly how it could help your digital efforts — without you having to trawl through a daily deluge of blogs and make those assessments yourself when you’re busy trying to run a business.

While there isn’t yet a digital marketing Olympics, approach your online activity in the same way as an Olympian and you’ll find your medals just the same — in increased traffic and sales, better customer engagement and long term brand loyalty and recognition. Congratulations!! You’ve won the gold!