Image Optimization Tips For Google Friendly SEO

Images are the important part of our life because we love to buy what we see not what we hear about. When it comes to SEO for any online marketing place, image optimization is the foremost thing that you should keep in your mind. When a customer runs through the online store, images are the only thing that tempts him to buy your products or services. Web Click India is the most talented SEO Company In Delhi that has an elite team of professionals to get your work done in a right manner. We are striving to meet your requirements for any web related service.

What Is The Importance Of Image Optimization For SEO?

Ø Name Your Image: For an instance, if you are a car dealer and you have a variety of luxuries cars with their quality image. You should name your image in plain English to recognize the model number easily.

Ø Dimension Of An Image Is Utterly Important: For Ecommerce, images from different angles are trending nowadays. Showing only one side of your product can leave the customers in doubt but showing it from different angles can clear the things like a crystal.

Ø JPEG Or PNG: The choice of the background matters most while choosing JPEGs or PNGs. When you want to give a sharp view to your image you should use JPEGs especially for the Ecommerce websites. If you want to get the product only and decorate it further you should use PNGs.

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