Useful links for React developers or people who wants to learn it #2

Angular to React: tips on a smooth migration

AngularJS is a pretty cool framework by Google — it provides many great features, like routing and two-way data binding. We used it to create the first version of our platform, but today, we see its limits and want to migrate our platform to ReactJS.

Introducing debugger.html

debugger.html is a modern JavaScript debugger from Mozilla, built as a
web application with React and Redux. This project was started early
this year in an effort to replace the current debugger within the Firefox Developer Tools. Also, we wanted to make a debugger capable of debugging multiple targets and functioning in a standalone mode.

React Router v4 prerelease

We’ve never been this excited about React Router. Like you, we’ve learned a lot about React since we first picked it up. We built a Router the best we knew how along the way. What we’ve learned most is that we love React because of its declarative composability.

Function as Child Components

“Function as Child Component”s are components that receive a function as their child. The pattern is simply implemented and enforced thanks to React’s property types.

React Native and Typescript

The main intention of this blog post is to show how to setup a React Native project with a Typescript environment as an alternative to Flow.

Finally we have React Native router which we deserve

react-router-native: A routing library for React Native that strives for sensible API parity with react-router.

React Native Elements: a cross platform UI toolkit for React Native

When starting a new React Native project you’re often challenged by a great question: “How do I bootstrap my main/base components?”

Nader Dabit has probably asked himself this question a few times before he actually came up with React Native Elements, a Cross Platform UI Toolkit for React Native.

Ignite — An Unfair Head Start for your React Native Apps

Starting a new project for React Native, but looking for more complete examples and best practices.

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