How Product Marketers create a Product Driven Startup
Marcus Andrews

Great points in this post. I found it via Dharmesh Shah sharing it on twitter.

You concluded with this

“Becoming a product driven company is (in my opinion) the best way to align your vectors.”

It made me think of what makes great product. And I thought of buyer feedback. Apple is a product company but they seem to be missing it on “connecting” with the buyer. I feel like they aren’t listening that much.

Whereas companies like HubSpot (B2B) and Starbucks (B2C) are great examples of being in tune with feedback and having amazing brands for product.

I’d even add Epic Games in the consumer digital content category with their success with Fortnite. The game is in perpetual beta and changes constantly, optimizing based on releasing new things and monitoring the loop of interactivity to kill old feature or build new game features.

Would you add anything regarding having feedback from the buyers and users into your hierarchy?