Sonny… I’ve enjoyed the exchange you’re having with Elizabeth and White Feather.
Rick Clark

I read more than ever. Tweets. Blogs. This post… Most of it is a dopamine rush and a false sense of productivity. Kind of like a game of minecraft. But this isn’t really reading. Most of it doesn’t even measure up to opening a newspaper and reading it. The information most of us are reading is heterogenous little data bits. None of it has the continuity of even a magazine. If it’s lower in intellectual value than a magazine, it certainly measures short of a novel by a mile. No blog posts have been good enough to make into a movie, but several books have. This format is the written version of talk radio. I’m nothing more than a caller on your show by leaving a comment. To say I’m “reading” in the context of reading to learn or study would be akin to proclaiming I’m an “author” for what I’m typing with my thumbs in this comment. TLTR. Yup! Even this post will lure you in by saying at the top “estimated time to read: 1 min”

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