After re-reading my response, I realized that I come off as a whatever-the-word-is-for-people-that-think-they-know-things-but-are-themselves-still-trying-deperately-to-figure-it-all-out. Can’t think of that word.
After re-reading my response, I realized that I come off as a whatever-the-word-is-for-people-that…
Dharmesh Shah

It think it’s called a “commenter”

Even though many could call it something else.

I comment kind of the same way all too often. (sometimes late at night on your posts and often re-read and say “oh sheesh”.)

And I’m mindful I’m doing it yet again.

That said, other people get a lot of value out of your perspective (Dharmesh).

Many points deserve counter points even if it’s not 100% proven to even yourself.

We can speak from what “we feel we know” and at the same time are mindful that we ourselves don’t have it 100% figured out. This form of commenting helps us and others learn.

It’s up to the reader to take what we say with a “pinch of salt”.

Wil’s post had me ready for 50 “claps” but your commentary provided a pinch of salt I needed.

Most readers like me are at a point before Will. You are at a point after. It is incredibly helpful to see the trajectory to make sure the time spent reading will result in “helpful” learning.

Some posts you agree with. Some kind of. Some not at all.

In any of the scenarios, you get your chance to thoughtfully respond and create a shared learning and arc towards a definition, be it personal or universal.

Commenting on Medium is like Wikipedia for the things yet to be resolved…

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