I Got My iPhone 7 Today. Here’s What Surprised Me Most
Dharmesh Shah

Thanks. This may have verified what I’ve been thinking more and more for at least a year. Practicality and simplicity are the new “attraction” in technology. Are we bored by the shiny keys? Or are there just too many dangling in front of us all the time? If the shiny keys now bore us maybe we have graduated from our infancy in technology. Has practical become exciting? Or are we just downsizing on mental overhead from too much new stuff? Would you wait in line again at 3am for the important things like water and dust proof, no button, no wires, 256GB solid state drive? It doesn’t make for a good ad but those features make the experience much much better. I love innovation more than ever but I’m getting fatigued from the frequent short bursts of dopamine rush. And I dont have time or patience for inconvenience. I’ll pay the premium for convenience and simplicity. And gladly upgrade for the things that will matter months after I’ve made the purchase rather than the exhilaration of the thing that was awesome for a week but never used again.

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