Android 8.0 “O” Release Date and Features

As we all know, Google had a tradition to release annual Android updates. Last time, we got Android Nougat in August 2016. And at the time of choosing the name of Android N, It was depended on audience choice. And in 2017, we are possibly near to get next update of Android, which will start with letter O.

It may strongly possible that we will get Android O update in Google’s next I/O event in May at San Francisco. As always, Google has the tradition to choose the name of Android based on desserts or sweet dish, what are the possibilities of next Android O update? Well, there is some shortage of desserts name which is starting from letter O. Most suited name for Android O will be OREO. If Google chooses this name, then there will be the partnership with Mondelez (OREO) as partnership did with Nestle for Android Kitkat. Other expected possibilities will be Orange, Oatcake, Oatmeal Cookie, Orellete and Ox-tongue Pastry.

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