Sales Pages, Landing Page and Squeeze Pages — Perfect Template Web Pages to increase Conversions

Know those long sales and landing pages? Long and irritating? It’s you that hate those pages, but in real, those are implemented to capture traffic for the particular product.

Some products don’t need these pages; they practically sell themselves — such as electronic gadgets, kitchenware products. And some products are new for market and they need attention from the market with implementing these pages! You have a product and have amazing marketing strategies although you aren’t getting enough ROI and traffic. The main reason behind this that you haven’t implemented perfect sales, landing or squeezes pages that increase conversions.

First of all, what are the sales, landing and squeeze web pages?

Sales pages and landing pages are web pages that practically don’t contain any navigation menu, footer, sidebar and external links. They simply have the short or long form with the call to action buttons. On the other side, squeeze pages are web pages with short lead capture form and have only one conversion goal (Email leads).

Sales Page:

Sales page is the web page with one single call to action! The goal of these pages is to get visitors or buyers to purchase the product. These pages are mostly used for a particular event, product portfolio, and services.
Adespresso University has simple, colorful and engaging landing page.

Landing Page:

A landing page is the webpage where visitor “land on” when they click and redirect through your marketing promotions or advertisements.
Love the way Lyft has used good landing page design

Khan academy also has created the colorful landing page to attract visitor with large spells. Just loved it!

Squeeze Page:

Squeeze pages are quite similar to the landing page. It’s not necessarily, that this page can stand alone, it can be put on any pages. Simply, this is used before the visitor leaves the web page.
You can offer eBook, Whitepaper, Free Report, Video, and Webinar with these pages.

Just check out some best Squeeze page design:
WebPixel Technologies has designed quite simple and impressive squeeze page to give free SEO report.


  • Landing pages are perfect if you present with a good story line and product content
  • For sales page design, simply follow these steps: Story, Content (Headline, Quotes, testimonials, Packages), Design(Call to action, form placements)
  • For Squeeze pages, Unless visitors are finding some helpful content, they won’t give you their email address