The One Piece of Writing Every Hillary Supporter Should Read
Memo Salazar

Absolutely brilliant piece of writing, a stunning analysis!

This is how I introduced it on my Facebook page, and in emails to my friends: “This is an AMAZING article, it is the MUST-READ of all must-reads. Yes, it’s long. Indeed, it’s almost a booklet, but this explains things in detail so often missed in the headlines and soundbites. I don’t care what party you belong to, who you intend to vote for, this is the one article you should not miss, not under any circumstances. (In fact, don’t even pay attention to the headline, because it simply doesn’t do justice.) If need be, skip the next 20 or 30 articles that caught your eye. I don’t know who the author is (although I intend to find out), but as I said at the start … this is an AMAZING article. Don’t miss it!”

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