10 Collision speakers we’re especially intrigued by…

Last week we went live with a list of the first 100 speakers set to join us at Collision, including the likes of Kara Swisher and Ben Goertzel. Our speaker team have hand-picked ten that they say we can’t miss.

1. The Environmentalist — Andrew Sharpless, CEO of Oceana

Having spotted the connection between the fish population preservation and a sustainable solution to world hunger, Oceana uses the power of fact-based campaigns to get results. With Andrew at the helm, Oceana has become the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation.

Prior to Oceana, Andrew was Executive Vice President of Discovery.com, the online division of the Discovery Channel. His tireless pursuit of environmental action makes him a must-see at Collision 2019.

2. The Matchmaker — Falon Fatemi, founder & CEO of node.io

Starting as Google’s youngest employee at the age of 19, Falon went on to create node.io, an AI-powered discovery engine helping companies find ideal business prospects and partners. After an incredible growth rate catapulted the company to a multi-million dollar enterprise, node.io went on to raise over $16 million when it emerged from stealth mode last year.

Falon Fatemi, founder & CEO of node.io

3. The Entertainer — Ray Chan, co-founder and CEO at 9GAG

As co-founder of 9GAG, Ray is firmly on our Collision watchlist. Having started out in the legal department of a bank, Ray is a less typical co-founder of a site based solely on humour, but the team behind 9GAG has taken the world by storm with over 150 million followers to date.

We couldn’t miss the co-founder whose company’s mission is to “make the world happier”.

4. The Storyteller — Meg Goldthwaite, CMO at NPR

With expertise to wow the most hardcore marketeer, Meg has shown that every company has its story, and she’s employed technology to revolutionise the telling.

She’s spent time with Conservation International, Women for Women International and the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, before taking the lead in marketing at NPR. She’s also the woman behind Earth Hour, the WWF initiative that reached the world.

Palmer Luckey onstage at Web Summit 2018

5. The Virtual Realist — Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus VR and Anduril

At the ripe age of 26, Palmer has already reached mogul status as the founder of Oculus VR. He produced the initial prototypes of the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality mounted headset, when he was just 17, and quickly became an icon for VR fans worldwide. Oculus VR was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $3 million.

In March 2017, Palmer co-founded defence technology firm Anduril (named for a Tolkien character), concerned that the government needed an injection of technology to clamp down on illegal immigration.

6. The Teacher — Daphne Koller, founder and President of Coursera.

Prolific writer, university professor, founder. Just a small sample of the titles Daphne Koller’s picked up over the years. If you’re not familiar with Coursera, it’s an online education hub offering learning opportunities from the world’s best universities and companies, including Stanford, Princeton and Amazon Web Services.

Her incredible contribution to learning has so far earned her a spot on Newsweek’s 10 Most Important People in 2010, Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2012 and Fast Company’s Most Creative People in 2014.

With that many adjectives behind her, we’re confident she’ll give us a lot to think about at Collision 2019.

7. The Rockstar — Jimmy Chamberlin, Musician

Not content with incredible musical success, Jimmy co-founded Blue J strategies to use his extensive network and skills to help up and coming companies achieve their goals. Investor, mentor, entrepreneur, Grammy Award winner — and he’s announced an upcoming reunion tour with the Smashing Pumpkins.

Prepare for the ’90s nostalgia you didn’t know you needed.

8. The Investor — Ann Winblad, Managing Director at Hummer Winblad Venture Partners

With over 30 years as a venture capitalist under her belt, Ann has some wisdom to share. She’s launched over 160 enterprise software firms and led enough legendary investments to cement her reputation as one of the most influential investors in the software scene.

She founded her current company in 1989 as the first venture capital firm to focus exclusively on software and has been known as a renowned technology leader ever since.

9. The Medical Marvel — Dorry Segev, Professor of Surgery at John Hopkins University

Calling Dorry Segev an all-rounder is a whopper of an understatement. Computer science, electrical engineering and music are just some of the avenues explored by Dorry before he began his current work as surgeon and transplantation specialist. He’s currently working to simplify the US organ transplant system and was instrumental in passing the HOPE Act to improve the odds of transplant among HIV positive patients.

Oh, and did we mention he’s a competitive swing dancer?

10. The Benefactor — Renata Quintini, Partner at Lux Capital

A dedicated proponent of technology for good, Renata has one goal: to help today’s startups create a brighter future. She invests in the companies solving the world’s problems before they even happen and is sceptical of those who create just because they can, without thinking about whether they should.

Renata has her finger on the pulse of some of the biggest debates in tech right now, and her dedication to ambition, ethics and innovation in the industry makes her one to watch at Collision this year.

Renata Quintini, Partner at Lux Capital

The list goes on. We’ve already got experts from every industry lined up to share their wisdom at Collision, and we’re only getting started. Take a look at our first 100 speakers here.

Will we see you there? Get your tickets now.