The most in-demand fintech startups at Web Summit 2018

Some of the world’s most influential companies have joined us at Web Summit at the beginning of their startup journey. Over the years we’ve welcomed OnePlus, Stripe, Nest, Uber, Careem, and GitLab when they were still early-stage startups, looking for funding, partnerships or figuring out their next move.

As we prepare for our big week in Lisbon, Web Summit has already begun for some investors as they organise meetings with startups that have caught their eye. This year, fintech startups are proving popular with investors, and the ten startups below are the ones who have received the most interest in the run-up to Web Summit, with messages sent and meetings requested by investors through the Web Summit app.

Huckleberry offers workers’ compensation insurance for small businesses, and use an AI-based chatbot to expedite and verify the underwriting process.

Exo Investing
Exo Investing is an investment management platform which allows users to rebalance portfolios every day, buying and selling depending on what the markets do.

Easy Payment Gateway
Easy Payment Gateway is a payment platform that connects merchants to payment solutions by a unique drag and drop system and a full management suite.

sevDesk is a personal CFO. Their platform simplifies accounting for small businesses and freelancers, looking after filing, banking, and invoicing.

Coinfirm is a global leader in regtech for digital currencies and the blockchain-based financial ecosystem.

Funded by Stripe and Visa, Paystack help African merchants get paid by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Clark is an insurance­ robo-­advisor, helping customers manage and purchase various insurance products, spanning the full gamut of life, health, and property insurance.

Vantik is a fully digital private pension platform targeted at millennials. Customers can change their savings rate at any time and are able to access their money whenever they want to.

CoinBundle is a crypto investment platform where traders can buy a bundle of coins with a single click. They have been backed by Y Combinator and Initialized Capital.

Apiax transform complex financial regulations into machine-readable compliance rules that are kept up-to-date and verified.

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