Hello and welcome to the penultimate Webb Cup news review sponsored by Avid & Co brought to you by the CEO.

We will have a Webb Cup champion come Sunday evening. The race is still as close as ever, still about 5/6 competitors that are in contention of lifting the prestigious Webb Cup crown.

Chelsea are a step closer to winning the Premiership with a convincing win at Goodison Park, but Tottenham are refusing to give up. They remain hot on their heels and are in a formidable run of form. Congratulations to Newcastle United and Bolton Wanderers who gained promotion.

Highest scorers for GameWeek 38 go to Jamie Reid, Mike Cooke & Richard Green all getting 9 points.

Congratulations to Adam Bishop, he is crowned Polash Indian Cuisine Manager of the Month for April. He gained 33 points, 2 more than his closest rival Nathan O’Neil. He wins a three course meal for two people.

Leaders of divisions will now be followed by this message.

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