Hello & welcome to Webb Cup review sponsored by Avid & Co. This is GameWeek 30 news brought to you by the CEO at Webb Towers.

The Webb Cup Divisions have officially been Locked in. Whatever division that you find yourself in will be the division you will compete in for the rest of 2016/17 season. You will not move between divisions as you were able to in the previous 30 GameWeeks. Each division has a different prize, the higher the division, the more lucrative the prize.

If you are on equal points with a competitor, however you find yourself in a different division, either higher or lower, this will be because our system finds your highest score that you have achieved in any GameWeek throughout the season and compares it to the other competitor who has equal points to you. The competitor with the highest score will then be above the other. If high scores are the same, it goes down to who has the lowest low score, and whoever does between the competitors will finish lower than the other.

If you have any queries regarding the high & low scores. Feel free to ask.

So out of 100 competitors, only the top 10 can now win the most prestigious cup of the modern era. These competitors are:

Wayne Badhams

Laurie Conner

Ritchie Warden

Paul McAvoy

Alex Swinnerton

Josh Hyett

Matt Bullen

Alan Eckford

Shane Thorp

Mike Anderson

Congratulations you are the Elite competitors of 2016/17, and good luck until the final day of the season. Lets hope its a cracker of a finish, just like last year.

Lowest scorer of GameWeek 30 goes to Joe Hamlin. He finds himself in sin city Las Vegas. So completely understandable, but missed out on the biggest week of the season and by doing so, drops down TWO divisions. Still big money in Division 5 to be won for Joe though.

Highest Scorers for GameWeek 30 go to Ritchie Warden and Nathan Davies, both with huge scores of 10. Ritchie getting all 8 predictions correct, but placed no money on it.

Both of these competitors are now winning the race for Player of the Month.

Wayne Badhams regains the lead at the top after a two week absence. Laurie Conner pushed back down into second place.

9 more weeks until the Webb Cup season finishes on Sunday May 7th.

Peace & love to your mothers x
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