Webb Cup (Game Week 34)

Hello and welcome to Webb Cup News brought to you by the CEO at Webb Towers, fresh from cooking a roast for his other half.

GameWeek 34 seen Leicester City beat Sunderland to maintain there 7 point advantage over Tottenham Hotspur. Only 3 more wins for the foxes to win the league, and it would be the most memorable in Premier League history. Many of you taking risks with Underdogs this weekend, and many of you failing. All of the main games in the Super Section seen the favourite winning. And with only 4 GameWeeks left after this one, your selections are becoming more important.

This week we had two postponements that were replayed.

Oldham Athletic v Swindon Town

Partick Thistle v Dundee United

And in both games, the home team prevailed. If you were lucky enough to have correctly predicted this game, the point has been added to your overall total.

Lowest scorers for GameWeek 34 were Jordan Rees, Dave Brown, Daniel Scott, Samuel O’Donoghue. They all gained 0 points and are this weeks losers.

Highest scorers for GameWeek 34 were Mitch Masters, James Roberts & Pete Bull. They all gained 7 points.

Division 1 leaders as of GameWeek 34 with 4 weeks remaining and £400 to the winner plus £100 voucher for Avid Attire are both Martin Colley & Jack Twyman with 180 points, 1 in front of Micheal Anderson on 179. Jack Twyman struggling with form of late, and Martin Colley for the first time this season sits at the summit of the Webb Cup.

Division 2 sponsored by Lacejam is tied between Matt Bullen and Alex Mexes, both on 175 points. The winner getting £90 and runner up £20.

Division 3 sponsored by Whitson Barbers is also tied, by 3 competitors, in Alan Eckford, Lee Chivers and Andy Bick. Winner of this division will receive a years worth of free haircuts.

Division 4 sponsored by Burtley & Baines is currently being led by Will Matthews, and he is currently strolling towards a new watch with a 7 point advantage over his rivals.

Division 5 sponsored by Polash Indian Cuisine sees Craig Smith lead by 3 points. If he edges his way towards victory he will win a three course meal at the Polash for two people and £10 off their drinks tab.

Division 6 sponsored by Anderson Roberts Ltd, has Jordan Burt at the top by 3 clear points. If he wins the division he will receive £60

Division 7 sponsored by iWant Media is very close with Jamie Reid edging it over Callum Oxley by 1 point. The winner of this division will receive 35% off a new website, 1 year free hosting and £30 prize fee.

Division 8 sponsored by Foxmoor Security is also very tight between birthday boy Tom Mayo and Dean Webb, Tom is currently only 1 point ahead of Dean with 4 weeks to go. The winner of the division will receive £50.

Division 9 sponsored by Interior Needs sees Campbell Nugent lead by 1 point over ex champion Paul Mcavoy. An awful year for Paul, but could still walk away £40 richer if he wins this division.

And lastly Division 10, sponsored by Webb Promotions, winner getting a “Lad Hamper” courtesy of the Webb Brothers. Josh Halford is currently cruising his way to victory on 157 points, 5 points clear of second place.

Thats all folks. Lets cheer Leicester City to glory … If your not a Spurs fan of course.

Peace to ya Mother.

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