As a new member of this new and awesome Start-Up- WEBCONTENTSPECIALISTS, I must say that growth hacking is not an overnight job, nor even a “fully-stage” statement that you could put down on a sheet of paper and expect miracle growth once you’re done while expecting instant success. No, no, no… Growth hacking is not easy and not for the system — wise tanks, however with a dedicated, persevere determination, creative strategy, and practical action steps, growth hacking is most likelihood to become your business motto and secret weapon for long-term success if you can grow it knowing you have done all you can to grow your business!

Here are 15 very simple and cost effective tips to growth hack your business. Try to follow them.

1- Elaborate a goal oriented and outcome generating marketing strategy that will interlink your operational plans with your mission goal. Neil Patel states that content marketing should be feasible enough so people will be intrigued to share your work. Use content as a way to grow your Startup, making it entertaining and worthwhile. You will notice your operational strategy will work if people start to respond well to your content since it has a purpose, is amazing and worth sharing, and means something to them.

2 — Track your operational plans and activities via follow-up management tools (such as Digg Digg which adds a moving sidebar so people can share your article or Snap, which automatically posts your content to all your Social Media accounts). These tools can be used as a way to boost your following ratio since people will be able to share your content.

3 — Build a simple website of your own product, and make sure to increase your site speed. Your official website might become your visual identification or “visit card” when meeting with investors, potential partners or competitors. The share icon must be displayed in every page so customers can share your content onto others. It will help your potential clients to share your posts or business and grow your business by other potential clients that may follow you!

4 — Think content wise and forget design. The simpler the website design the more cost effective it is. What matters nowadays is content. Remember that by creating valuable content you will increase the number of people who will follow you.

5 — Run a crowdfunding campaign ( For E.g. use Seedrs, Crowdfunder) in your sector. This popular tactic will not only help to save you money when kicking off your business, but also leverage a huge network of investors or members.

6 — Become an industrialized thought speaker within your sector and a specialized think tank in your industry. This requires time and resource management, however once you are a thought leader, you’ll easily create an army of advocates who will take your name to others.

7 — Create your team of trustworthy and competent people who will provide maximum result with minimum resources. Advocate in what ever possible way to spread and grow your brand. I suggest you do a leaflet campaign once a week as this is a good way to attract public attention. It will engage more followers!

8 — Host as many interns/students as possible. They are a good asset to any startup, besides, they put their best knowledge into practice thus bringing value and creating a word of mouth so they can help spread your business onto other customers, clients or associates about your business.

9 — Encourage and motivate your team. I always think a team is very essential that will help spread growth for your Startup. Ask them to be brand advocates so when ever they go to an event they can also spread news about your company. Eventually this will be a win win situation as internally it is helping you grow your name.

10 — Make and demonstrate effective and impactful public speeches. It’s important for you to get out there and show people your business in public forums, however, remember the way you present your business to public will have a huge impact on its growth, or the reverse.

11 — Reach out to your influencers. You might think that it’s tricky and scary, but believe me, making friends with people who are in your sector will bring a variety of different benefits. You will have a fancy column about your service, plus, folks in your network could carry conversation like no other and also help to spread your services to others as a way to build your business.

12 — Organize launch and milestone parties, host specialized and thought leaders to have public speeches on case studies of your product, and convince them to share your product among their channels.

13 — Use email marketing as a viable option to promote your business worldwide via email or other telecommunications technologies. Build a list of targeted subscribers in your sector to first promote your Startup and then follow up your email engaging them each step of the way to let them know how your business is getting on and what your business is up to.

14 — Be socially active on networking platforms, and display the number of your Twitter followers, Email subscribers, and Facebook fans. You should add a push to notification button on your home page so it will help people easier to sign up to your email rather than bugging them.

15 — Use name, or logos of your biggest clients and media sources that have talked about you, and display them on your website. This will definitely gouge popularity of your business and create new incentives for further growth.

To sum it up, I must say that WEBCONTENTSPECIALISTS has been paving its path into the sector for about three months from now, and we are happy to state that the number of our Twitter followers is hitting closer to 2,500, and it’s growing day by day.

I hope that these growth hacking tips will motivate you too, and will ignite your compassion of using them in elaborating your business development strategy.

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