Found a great article by Brendan Hufford here on Medium com which I think will be good to repost here as it has some great bulletpoint tips on how to run a successful webinar.

1 Minute Guide: How to Sell a $1,000 Information Product on a Webinar
I’m serious. It’s this easy…
Build a Relationship
Talk to specific people who are on the webinar
Tell them why they might be here (how they know you)
Make the interactive and participatory
Make something for them to take notes on
Explain how you learned a thing (copy Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey’)
Teach the thing you learned on your heroic journey
The Bridge (AKA the Most Important Part)
Tell them why they’re here, again.
Ask them where they are today
Tell them to imagine where they want to be
Ask them what they’d pay for that to happen
Tell them you have the roadmap/walkthrough/blueprint to get where they want to be (Hint: it’s an extension of what you taught)
Sell the Thing
Explain the benefits of your product
Explain the features of your product tied to the benefits
Introduce scarcity (limited time offer, bonuses, pricing etc.)
Answer live questions about the teaching and product
This works. Shouldn’t I make it into a webinar and sell a product on it?
This is more fun.

Source: You can read the original Medium post here.

As a framework model for the webinar presentation itself, you can’t go wrong if you follow Brendan’s above tips.