5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Original Content

Marketers, business owners and webmasters are told over and over again that their website needs to be rich in original content. Google and other search engines zero in on good content, and bring new visitors to to the sites as a direct result of this content. However, what people don’t usually talk about is the fact that content can be stretched, used in many different ways, and then re-purposed to make it go further. Learn how to get more out of content by considering the following steps:

1 — Create Appealing, Original Content

Before anything else can happen, thorough content needs to exist. At the most simplest form, you need to write a good article. A good article takes industry information and makes it appealing to your targeted audience and offers thorough explanation and industry insight. This is something that takes time and effort to do well, but it is worth it in the long run as a well written evergreen article can bring your website traffic for years.

2 — Create a PowerPoint Presentation

Take the information from the previously written article, and divide it up into a PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint presentations are fantastic ways to reach out to an audience and also to plan out in-person presentations. A single article is often enough for a 20 minute presentation, if appropriate new information is added and discussed.

3- Make a Video

Look at the content that is provided and consider how it can be presented by a speaker. The creator make make the video himself, or he may choose to hire an actor to present it. Simply having the article read to a camera is one thing, but there are many other special effects and visual cues that can be used to make the video more interesting. This is something that can make a huge difference to the appeal of a site and it all depends on your creativity. How far do you want to take it?

4 — Draw Out an Infographic

If the article deals with factual data you can easily create an infographic. Outline the facts, statistics and other pieces of information, then throw them together in graphic form. This is an excellent way to ensure that the information can reach people who don’t care to read articles or watch videos and also offers new potential sources of traffic. An infographic should be short, simple and to the point. It is generally worth the cost to hire a graphic designer to make the infographic look more interesting.

5- Make an Audio Clip

Another technique that can draw traffic from previously untapped resources is turning your website content into audio. People love audio books and listening to content. People are also inclined to be interested in the person behind the content they enjoy, with an audio clip, a content creator helps acquaint the audience with their voice. This type of intimacy is simple but meaningful, and it can help draw an audience in. Making an audio clip does not need anything more complicated than a good microphone and some editing equipment, and can be completed with an afternoon’s worth of work.

Content is king, and with a reasonable amount of effort, existing content can be stretched impressively. Good content does not necessarily need to be new information, but it should always be offering something to the people who find it. It is simple, it is shareable, and it is a good choice for new and old companies!

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