How To Use Your Cover Photo To Grow Your Email List On Facebook

You ever thought of using your cover photo on Facebook to grow your email list?

One of the most daunting tasks for an online entrepreneur is managing their Facebook page and using that space to grow their list. A valuable piece of real-estate on your Facebook page that’s often overlooked is the cover photo. Your timeline cover photo is the biggest image on your page, your main real-estate and you want to use it wisely taking full advantage of the fact that it is FREE.

Creating fresh designs and rotating them monthly on your page is a sure way to engage your fans and grow your list with customers that will actually buy from you, sign-up for your healthy lifestyle challenges, share your seasonal DIY projects and dishes, support a cause you are very passionate about, and remind your fans when your course cart is about to close.

Here are some tips for creating highly engaging cover photos that will help you grow your list, convert visitors into buyers and double your conversions.

  1. Use your cover photo to have fans opt-in to your freebie.
    Simple Green Smoothies does an excellent job using their cover image to highlight their healthy habit challenges. Highlight your latest marketing campaign by featuring it right on the cover image. When your fans visit your page they will know about your special offer and get on your list. You want to make sure that when they click on your cover image, on the right-hand-side of the picture you have a description with an URL where they can get your freebie. Always redirect them to your website.
  2. Use your cover photo to highlight an upcoming free challenge.
    If you’re a Beachbody coach, a health coach or into essential oils, use that space to invite your fans to join a free challenge to experience your services before they buy. In order to join the challenge, they have to get on your mailing list. When they click on the image, redirect them to a page on your website where they will get all the information on how and why they should trust you with their email addresses.
  3. Use your cover photo to share your seasonal DIY projects and dishes.
    Real Simple magazine is really good at featuring amazing recipes, DIY projects on their cover page. Be creative and not too salesy. For instance, this month, Real Simple features on their Facebook cover page one of their fresh fast and simple dishes. The pumpkin is the cover of her October 2015 Martha Stewart Living magazine. The image raises curiosity, and to find out more about it, you have to buy the magazine.
  4. Use your cover photo to raise awareness about a cause you are passionate about.
    Christine Caine used her cover photo to raise fund for “Freedom” along with her handle and a trending hashtag. It’s a very simple approach that makes a huge impact. She invites her fans to turn their stand for freedom into a fundraising on social media and around the world.
  5. Use your cover photo for a call-to-action before a special pricing ends.
    If you launched an online info-product and your offer is about to end, it’s not enough to have a cover image about your new product. Use that space to remind your fans that your cart is closing and their opportunity to join is ending soon. With this approach, you are not only using Facebook to grow your list, but you are also creating a sense of urgency for people to buy your product. Again remember when your fans click on the image, redirect them to your sales page to get more details about your offer.

Use these examples for inspiration on how you can make your Facebook Cover Page creative, highly engaging and into a conversion machine.

What about you, have you used any of these marketing strategies before?

Until next time…

Webly “Your Tech Maven” Alfred

Originally published at on October 7, 2015.