Andrew Dunlop
Jan 14, 2015 · 2 min read

4 Trends That Will Define Mobile Apps Development Industry in 2015

There’s no doubt that mobile technology is the future of computing. As millions of smartphones and tablets continue to sell like hot cakes, the demand for mobile application developer is also showing no sign of slowing down.
The mobile app industry is still growing. But the technology sector has always remained fickle. And Mobile Development is also not immune to this fact. So, it’s time to take a look at some upcoming trends in the industry.

1. Niche Apps May Gain Traction in the Market:
The mobile application market is brimmed with millions of apps. And Mobile App Developers are releasing more of these apps each day. However, there is still room for specialized apps. This category caters to a certain set of needs.
2. Wearable Gadgets Will Get More Popular:
The wearable technology is ready to take over the world. And 2015 could be the year of wearable tech. Google Glasses, Apple iWatch and similar devices are already available in the market. More will come pretty soon. Of course, the change is in the air. And mobile developers need to respond to it.
3. OS Battle Will Continue in 2015:
Android is the biggest mobile operating system on the planet. On the other hand, iOS is content with its market share. But, the competition is already heating up. Windows Phone is still going strong. And the Korean superpower Samsung is betting high on its Tizen operating system. Other competitors are Sailfish OS and Blackberry OS.
4. Increased Focus on Security:
This year, we could see more emphasis on security features. Consumers are concerned about their safety and privacy. So, mobile developers will have to respond to the concerns in 2015.

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