EENDAG: Chasing a criminal at night


Suddenly the criminal jumps out into the open, seemingly ready to attack Kevin and Snuifie! Kevin and Snuifie jump back into their car. The criminal jumps onto the front bumper and screams. Kevin puts his foot down onto the gas pedal and the car jumps forward. The criminal falls forward and lands onto the roof of the car, holding on while the car speeds off.

After a few moments, the criminal lets go and rolls off. Kevin stops the car and Snuifie and him get out to talk to the criminal, but the criminal is running off. Kevin and Snuifie and Majoor Blaffinski chase after him with torches.

Finally the criminal goes through a gate and locks it, leaving Kevin and Snuifie on the other side.

Well, it won’t help to try and chase the criminal now, whatwith the criminal being alert to them and their car. Perhaps if they go get another car that the criminal won’t recognise, they can try again to catch this thief and radical robber.