Mocha -> LiveScript -> JavaScript

If you have a website that is functional, it is probably safe to assume that you have undoubtedly put JavaScript on it quite a few times, even if just for Google Adsense advertisements.

Though most commonly used in conjunction with HTML and XML, JavaScript is also useful apart from it. JavaScript has been embedded in servers, authoring tools, brower pug-ins and other kind of browsers for such things as 3D graphical worlds.

The JavaScript language, working in tandem with related browser related features, is a Web-enhancing technology. The language can help turn a static page of content that would otherwise be comprised of static text and images, into an engaging, interactive and intelligent experience.

Brendan Eich of Netscape and later The Mozilla Organization was the original developer of what was first known as Mocha. Mocha was later renamed to Livescript, and finally it became known as Javascript. KEEP READING