Review: Lumex Technologies LED Mini Portable Pico Video Projector Mobile Cinema 120 Inch Display with Touchpad

The Lumex BeamPod can reach a screen size of up to 120 inch. With the Vivid Color Technology, the images are crisp, clear and vivid.

I spent many hours researching mini projectors, had a ton of browser tabs open to compare the multitude of mini/micro projectors that are available and decided to purchase the Lumex BeamPod Mini DLP Pocket Projector. What was I really looking for?

I was looking for something ultra-portable that I could use in medium (about 20–25 people) to small (5–10) student groups, something that had versatility and good projection quality, easy to hook up.

I teach a variety of topics in several industry venues/types and having such portability is a plus. What I also wanted to do is have flexibility in input sources: Composite, HDMI, USB, VGA with compatibility with AnyCast or Miracast to take the screen from my LG Gpad8.3 tablet and project a PowerPoint presentation from it “wirelessly.”

The Lumex BeamPod Mini DLP Pocket Projector does all of this (not simultaneously) and it meets the needs I had outlined for myself. CONTINUE READING