Webverse Technical Overview

Minting & Staking Mechanism

2 min readDec 6, 2023


The NFT mint will be a reserve style system where funds are collected first and the NFT will be available for claim once the mint is concluded.

Whitelisted wallet addresses will be able to reserve first and have priority. Any remaining tokens will be available for sale during the public mint round.

The sale is concluded when either:

  1. Both Weavers and Agents are sold out.
  2. One week after mint has begun if the collection has not sold out.

In the case the collection does not sell out, the supply will be cut to however many are minted when the sale concludes.

When the mint has concluded, all NFT’s will automatically be staked on Ethereum mainnet. Minters have the choice to leave the NFT’s staked or have the choice to unstake and hold them in their wallet.

Webverse Utility

Weavers (4700 supply)

  • Public sale = $250 allocation
  • $NGL Airdrop for stakers
  • Access to Entangle’s future products

Agents (300 supply)

  • Public sale (double Weavers) = $500 allocation
  • 100k $NGL token delegation to run agents for our infrastructure = 8k $NGL ($350 USD at public round price)
  • Increased $NGL Airdrop for stakers
  • Access to Entangle’s future products

For example;

  • If $NGL does a 2x you will receive $700
  • 10x will generate $3500
  • 100x would generate $35000 USD


$NGL is Entangle’s core token, essential for running all infrastructure and uniting our ecosystem with connected ecosystems.


Our tokenomics have been carefully balanced with several months of machination testing.