What is the Webverse?

5 min readNov 22, 2023



DeFi currently suffers from a high barrier of entry, provoking a large number of Web3 users from participating in it due to the intricate and complex level of understanding to fully engage its technology — Entangle included. We asked ourselves, how can we simplify and break down this amazing but overly complex infrastructure which we’ve spent 18+ months developing? Webverse was the answer.

The Webverse is an alternate reality that embodies Entangle Protocol’s infrastructure. By adapting our infrastructure into a lore-driven NFT project, we transform complex ideas into engaging narratives. While NFTs have provided a simple entry point into Web3, their integration into DeFi has not yet fully materialized. Our goal with Webverse is to bridge this gap, making it easier for the average Web3 user to understand and appreciate the benefits of DeFi.

Throughout our journey at Entangle we’ve crafted a customizable and interoperable data infrastructure built for institutions and Web3. With our innovative developments, we’ve realized that NFTs will be a vital part of our future, opening up new possibilities for our ecosystem and community. This understanding is a key reason behind the launch of the Webverse, as we are eager to showcase the true potential of NFTs in the DeFi industry.

Utility of NFTs


Weavers: 0.15 ETH

Agents: 0.5 ETH

Mint Date: January 5th, 2024

The collection is split into two categories:

  1. Weavers (4700 Supply)
  2. Agents (300 Supply)


Weavers are a piece of energy which allow you to unlock an alternate reality of Entangle’s infrastructure.

Weavers will provide you exclusive access into the Entangle Ecosystem.

Holders will be able to stake their Weavers to benefit from every aspect of Entangle’s infrastructure and dApps including:

  • Liquid Vaults
  • Photon messaging layer
  • Data Feeds

Rewards for staking accumulate with extended staking duration — leading to higher rewards.


Agents represent an advanced form of Weavers, having the ability to perform off-chain data information collection and aggregation.

Agents receive the same base benefits as Weavers in addition to:

Agents will receive additional access to Entangle’s Public round.

In addition to these extra benefits the Agents will be at a higher mint price than the Weavers.

Entangle will delegate a fixed amount of tokens to agents for bootstrapping our infrastructure.

Utility of $NGL

The $NGL token plays a crucial role in powering our ecosystem and has several vital use cases, including:

  • Staking as a Delegator or Infrastructure Provider for Keepers
  • Staking as a Validator or Delegator for the Entangle Blockchain
  • Utilizing Entangle as a connected application
  • Gas Fees on Entangle Blockchain

Sources of Revenue

Photon Messaging Protocol

The Photon Messaging Protocol facilitates the secure exchange of messages across EVM and non-EVM Blockchains. This enables Builders & Protocols to acquire smart contract states on other blockchains, facilitating cross-chain trading dApps and yield strategies. This includes token bridges, DAOs, Cross-Chain Money Market protocols, and Launchpads that accept collateral from various chains. Developers can deploy smart contracts on our blockchain, which function as decision-making entities responsible for generating specific operations based on input data and corresponding logic.

Learn more on Photon Messaging Protocol.

Price Feeds

Entangle delivers a suite of authenticated and verifiable cryptocurrency price feeds for trading applications. Currently, Entangle offers distinct feeds across 10 blockchains, specializing in derivatives such as LSDs and LP Tokens to enable collateralization of yield-bearing assets. Builders and Protocols can design their own unique data feeds, sourced from various points, including blockchain or real-world data, whilst having the ability to build their own logic for calculations and outputs. As a result, Entangle continues to enhance liquidity provider incentives, unlock a wave of use-cases whilst driving liquidity optimization and capital efficiency to partner ecosystems.

Learn more on Custom Data Feeds.

Liquid Vaults

Liquid Vaults is the native dApp built on the Entangle stack, optimizing liquidity through the refinancing of yield-bearing assets, such as LP Tokens. (currently live on 10 blockchains). Liquid Vaults enhance liquidity retention and users’ yield by enabling 1:1 asset backed Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs) that can be utilised for more DeFi strategies.

Entangle and its native dApp are paving the way for many changes in DeFi, including new liquidity layer and composable Real-World Assets on-chain.

Learn more on Liquid Vaults.

Entangle’s Roadmap

At its base, Entangle is the interoperable infrastructure providing builders with full customization to compose secure, verifiable, and interoperable data pathways and a modular blockchain hub to launch and execute smart contract operations.

Builders can design their own unique systems with added control over the processing and execution of cross-chain operations. Moreover, the infrastructure enables the flexibility to configure consensus mechanisms and customize off-chain entities responsible for on/off-chain data collection and validation. Designed with institutions in mind, the customization also includes the ability to add local external keeper entities to partake in data collection and validation.

Due to this unique architecture, our team has plans to develop several exciting and novel dApps. These will be interconnected and designed to be revenue-centric within the Entangle ecosystem. Currently, the team is discussing the development of:

  • Cross-chain V3 DEX
  • Cross-chain Launchpad
  • Leverage Yield Farming protocol
  • Liquidity Lottery System

With the development of these products, we plan to grant NFT holders exclusive access to several perks associated with each new offering.

Webverse Glossary

To simplify the understanding of Entangle’s ecosystem, we introduced several concepts through Webverse.

Webverse — Entangle’s Oracle/Infrastructure

Weavers — A vision into the alternate reality of Entangle

Agents — An off-chain machine collecting and aggregating information

Oracle Wars — The battle between Entangle’s Oracle offering a better solution to traditional solutions on the market

Validator Task Force — Validating all transactions on the Entangle blockchain and keeping transparency

Entangle Elite — Our awesome community members who are the creators and protectors of the Webverse/Entangle

An Alternate Reality

The Webverse is a project designed to simplify Entangle’s infrastructure and provide a more accessible entry into its ecosystem for the general public. Webverse NFTs offer exclusive access and benefits within Entangle’s ecosystem, and they will play a critical role in its launch in February 2024, as well as in the bootstrapping of its infrastructure.

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