Immortalising your romance, in style

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair (at least for most of us), and one of the biggest (read: most expensive) events in one’s life. So it comes as no surprise that couples these days are going off the beaten track to make their special day all the more unique and memorable. And what better way to glorify your story than a pre-wedding photo-shoot! Wedcraze strongly recommends capturing those pre-wedding moments when the romance is still fresh and the chaos of the big fat wedding is yet to take over. It’s fun, easy, largely affordable (depending on your chosen theme and locations), and gives the couple a chance to feel like a celebrity (if only for a day). But hey, the pictures last forever and are great fun to revisit and show-off even if the romance has taken a backseat over the years — which, we hope, shall never happen with you, dear Reader! 

So what do you need to have your own pictorial monument of love? Not much, according to wedding photographer Aman Gera. Having done eighteen pre-wedding shoots in the last two years, Gera says such shoots are easy to organize. For a city with a rich architectural heritage like Delhi, historical monuments provide the perfect backdrop to portray the timeless and everlasting bond of love and marriage.

The grandness of the pictures would depend on your theme and costumes, of course, which you can choose yourself.

But not everyone cares for history and architecture. For those who like to keep it simple, really any location works. A garden, a lakeside, a candle-lit dinner, your drawing-room — no place is a bad place for romance! What matters is chemistry, and a professional photographer to capture candid expressions and tender moments.

Picture credit: Bhushan Bagadia

Of course, if you have the money then there’s no stopping your flight of fantasy. A kiss at the Eiffel, underwater romance at the Great Barrier Reef, beholding a calm sunset at a faraway beach, moonlit memories at the real monument of love — the Taj Mahal — the possibilities are endless if your pockets are deep enough! But that is not to say great pictures can’t be captured locally. We love this underwater picture by Bhushan Bagadia:

At the end of the day, it’s your story that matters. So go ahead and create some filmy memories of your own as you prepare to start the journey of a lifetime with your partner!