Must-Gift & Must-not Gift — A guide to buying the perfect wedding gift!

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Remember the carefree days of childhood when going to a wedding meant unlimited fun and zero planning? That’s because planning was the department of the grown-ups, and if you are reading this right now then it’s safe to assume you’ve reached that stage in life when receiving a wedding invitation immediately springs to mind two alarming questions: what will I wear, and what gift should we give? Now, what you should wear is a matter of personal opinion (and greater writing experience: expect some tips in future!) but if you’re fretting about the perfect wedding gift then fret no more, for Wedcraze is here to rescue you.

To begin with, close friends should do away with formalities and ask the man or woman of the moment what he or she needs. No couple would appreciate receiving 10 different types of dinner sets, hence it’s advisable to take their choice into account. Having established the ground rules, here are the broad categories from which you can pick out a great gift:

1. Posh: If you’re rich and feeling generous, there are plenty of luxury gifts to choose from. Think paintings, watches, perfumes, handbags, scarves and jewellery. A great place for online shopping for international brands is A trip to the mall can provide more options, or you can just pick up something exotic during your next vacation (Turkish carpets, anyone?).

2. Home appliances: If the couple is going to build a household from scratch, then it’s a good idea to gift stuff that they can use around the house — it can be everything from sandwich-maker to hair-styler to wireless speakers. The likes of Flipkart serve as one-stop solutions for all such needs, but sometimes local stores offer great deals as well. Remember to always check for the warranty and exchange policy before buying anything.

3. Décor: This category competes with crockery for the title of the most hackneyed gifts of all time, but a creative mind can liven up even the dreariest of objects. So instead of a regular printed bed-sheet, go for a hand-crafted silk bed-cover, and customize photoframes by adorning them with pictures of the couple.

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4. Beauty and personal care: You really can’t go wrong here because everyone loves to be pampered. Create a basket of exotic and nice-smelling bath and beauty care products, or pick up a ready-made hamper from a renowned brand such as The Body Shop, Forest Essentials, Fabindia or Marks & Spencer.

5. Funny and quirky: Think popular-among-the-youth brands like Happily Unmarried (the irony would be palpable). Shot glasses, coffee mugs, cushion covers et al with funny slogans are sure to add cheer and humour in the couple’s collection.

6. Vouchers: Before you dismiss them as boring, hear us out. A voucher from an e-Commerce site gives the couple the freedom to buy what *they want* instead of forcing them to graciously accept whatever you picked up. And who says it only has to be about shopping? Gift them a spa voucher, a dinner at a fancy restaurant or a weekend getaway, and they’ll be thankful to you for a long, long time.

7. Cash: When all else fails, turn to good ol’ currency. Unimaginative? Cheap? Don’t be so harsh. Just put yourself in the shoes of someone who blew their life’s savings on feeding a thousand people on a single night, and you’ll realize getting cash in a pretty envelope is not a bad feeling at all. Instead of thoughtlessly picking up the first thing you see, offering some liquidity to the bankrupt couple will be a much kinder gesture.

8. We saved the best for the last: What is it? A bottle of wine — the finest that you can afford! Because who wouldn’t want a relaxing drink in the company of their soul mate after a maddening and chaotic wedding? You’re welcome.

Source: Pinterest
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