Add More Charm to Your Destination Wedding With Right Photographer

Have you selected the destination for your wedding? Have you booked venue; prepared guests lists; found the decorator and the most important have you booked the wedding photographer?

You must be thinking why so much emphasis on photographer when all the things are equally important for a perfect wedding. Yes every minor arrangement is essential for the most important occasion of the life; but who captures those moments into the memories you can cherish for lifetime, yes the photographer. So the photographer is one of the most important vendors you are going to hire for destination wedding.

Here are a few tips to make your search of the right destination wedding photographer easy for the dream wedding.

Don’t rely on local photographer

Hiring local photographers is considered to be right choice for various reasons like money saving, their understanding of the best locations for perfect photo shoot etc. But there is one risk; the local photographers might not be perfect for your destination wedding. There are various famous wedding photographers in India, who don’t mind traveling with their clients to ensure perfect photo shoot for them.

Further, if you are planning wedding in foreign locations, the photographers there might not be aware of the Indian traditions and can miss the most important moments.

Don’t skimp on time

When you have spent so much of time, efforts and money on finding the best location, why worry about time, only when it comes to wedding photography. You chose the special location to make your wedding special and the wedding pictures can only remind you of those special moments. So, take out time for pre and post marriage photo shoot to leverage the beauty of every location. Take our some extra time for couple photo shoot.

Discuss the number of people

Sometimes photographers come with a big team or to say an army to cover one wedding. Their assistants with further more assistants most of the times just spoil the fun. Most of their time goes in fighting for the space to cover the destination wedding and make videos. In my opinion a small team of professional photographers is much better than the huge crowd doing nothing but spoiling everything. You can ask your wedding planner or the photographer in advance to come with a small team to avoid any kind of chaos created by them.

Personal make-up artist

No doubt you can easily find a makeup artist at every location, but all might not fit into your requirements. There might also be different in makeup at different locations. For instance, the makeup in Goa where brides wear western outfit like gowns and in North India where traditional wear is more popular can vary a lot. So, the best idea to ensure perfect wedding photographs is to take your makeup artist with you.

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