5 DIY Wedding Decorations for an In-house Celebration

Gather your pals, ask your husband-to-be for help and get down to business! If you are planning a DIY in-house wedding, you will need to make the place spotless and ensure great décor. ‘Doing it yourself’ is a recently evolved concept, which gives you the liberty of designing your wedding functions the way you had always imagined. While you bring out the artistic side of you through décor ideas, it shows the guests that you’ve taken out the time and put in a lot of thought into planning the décor for your wedding.

These simple yet brilliant hacks not only provide a unique touch to your wedding but also ensure they are quite easy for you to DIY. Whether your big day is happening indoors or outside, these DIY wedding ceremony ideas will be sure to wow your guests and make for gorgeous photographs, too! When you are done, you can claim the bragging rights for your décor work when anyone asks where you got that amazing set up — and trust me, they will ask.


Colours! That’s what weddings are associated with, right? They are so colourful and vibrant that they set the mood for any wedding. What better way to showcase colours than having a beautiful rangoli included in the décor for your wedding? It’s simple to do it yourself and easily adds the much-needed vivacity to the occasion. But do make sure that the rangoli is designed at a place where not many people walk to and from or else all your efforts in designing the rangoli would be walked over by the guests.

Modern Centerpieces

How about going for something really exclusive and modern? You can create these gorgeous centerpieces with just a simple glass vase. Yes, you heard it right. A simple glass vase does the job for you at your wedding. Add colourful stones that complement the kind of flowers or the candle you want to use and place it into the glass vase and top it up with exquisite flower petals like that of a rose or orchids. Pour water into the glass and place a candle right at the top. This has the look and feel of a floating candle cum flower centerpiece and gives an elegant touch to your wedding.



The tranquil feeling associated with candles is indescribable and makes it a perfect décor item for an in-house wedding celebration. In order to bring out the innovative streak within you, you could opt for those tiny cutting chai glasses that come in various colours and place small, beautiful candles within them to provide a touch of creativity. They look bright, lovely and hey, your guests would definitely be mighty impressed. For quirky cutting chai glasses, check out Craftsvilla for options.

String of Lights

Photo By: Manan Photogarphy

Any wedding isn’t a wedding without lighting. Lights have always been a ‘bright’ part of every Indian celebration. You can use a string of lights on a tulle material to create a lights curtain to brighten up the entire house. Using the tulle and letting those strings of lights just hang down to the floor make a beautiful backdrop for an indoor wedding function, be it a sangeet function or reception party.


Photo By: Going Bananas Photography

Why CDs you ask? Why not? They can turn out to be one of the most creative ways to decorate your wedding functions. It’s easy to do and pretty cost effective too! There would be couple of CDs lying around that you haven’t used for ages now. So, how about incorporating them in your wedding décor? It’s not necessary that you have to use them as it is, you can also paint them in your favourite colour and decorate them the way you want. It could just be used as hanging centerpieces or in a symmetrical shape as a décor piece on the wall.

Photo By: Manan Photography

In the end, make sure the décor speaks a great deal about you and your personality at large. Having a do-it-yourself décor for your wedding brings out the creative ‘keeda’ within, making the celebration affordable and memorable!

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