Bridal Entries to Leave a Lasting Impact

The idea of a bridal entry was almost non-existent some ten years back, and it was mostly the other girlies walking with you till the mandap. Over the years, a bridal entry has gained momentum and become a visual treat for the guests. Isn’t every single person present at the mandap waiting to get a glimpse of the bride? Gone are the days when a bride had to enter the wedding venue with a lot of ‘laaj’ and ‘sharam’. Brides these days have the confidence to go there and seize the day.

We’ve scoured the crème de la crème of entertaining bridal wedding entries for your ease. So, here are a few ideas to sweep everyone off their feet!

The spotlight

Photo By: U Like Photography

One of the best ways for a bride to grab the attention of everyone around! As the bride makes her entry, turn off all the lights except for that one light, which focuses on her. This way, the bride will be in the ‘spotlight’, and it would give the whole entry a grand look.

The chaddar with light or flowers

Photo By: Robin Saini

Inspired from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani? In the movie, Kalki’s enters amidst much fanfare and a beautiful chaddar with lights. This entry adds a beautiful touch to the whole ceremony. If the décor at the venue complements the material/ colour of the chaddar, you’ve just got it bang on.

Let the ‘tiny-tots’ announce it for you

Photo By: Bosco Photography

Have your nephew or niece make the announcement for you. There’s nothing more adorable than having these little ones lead the gang. They can throw rose petals as you walk. They can also carry a board with them that say ‘Here comes the bride’. It will make every guest attending the wedding go ‘so cute’.

Entry in a ‘ghoda gaadi’

This is another way of entering the venue in style. Ghoda gaadi takes you back to an era of the Maharajas and Maharanis. So, it’s not always the grooms who enter on a ghodi, even the beautiful brides can have a ghoda gaadi specially arranged for them.

The palki entrance

Photo By: PK Suri

This is one of the most traditional and oldest ways when it comes to bridal entry. Yes, you may not be able to flaunt your beautiful wedding outfit, but it’s still a great way of making your guests’ take notice of you. You feel special while you’re in the palki, and it makes you realise that you deserve all the royal treatment.

Photo By: Going Bananas Photography

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