How to prepare yourself for the post-wedding fatigue?

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Finally, you are done with the big day. Wasn’t it almost like running a marathon or climbing the Mount Everest? After weeks of gorging on reshmi kababs and exotic chocolate ganaches, you probably are trying to unwind from the family time and struggling to get up at the crack of the dawn. Your yoga pants are still waiting to get picked up and stacked away in some unknown corner of your wardrobe. Do you even remember them? Did you actually think that you’ll just shut the door and swing into newlywed hotness? Maybe the months of arduous and detailed planning and hullabaloo is now catching up with you. From deciding the wedding décor, the food, planning the guest list to every other minute detail, a wedding day doesn’t leave you with any time to think and wears you out.

Getting into the routine mode becomes a herculean task! So, here are a few things you could try in order to cope with the post-wedding blues.

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Getting a good night’s sleep

As they say, ‘a good night’s sleep can cure almost anything’ stands true in every case. Considering, so much goes into planning every little detail of your wedding day, it is important that every newly-wed bride should get her ‘beauty sleep’, which helps her rejuvenate herself. Opting for a dark room with pin drop silence is ideal and helps you restore your old self.

A warm, fuzzy bath

Post all the wedding dhamaal, when it’s actual time to get back to the mundane life, we suddenly realize it’s not as easy as we thought it would be. All you can do is take a deep breath, maybe stretch a bit and plan on a hot water bath. For all those times that you’ve had to flex your muscles, be it for ‘aashirwad’ or posing for pictures during your reception night, it gets really tiring. So, a bath really helps in these times especially a foot bath as your feet are the most pressurized during these events. A foot bath goes a long way in coping up with post-wedding fatigue.

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Eating well

This is the most common and frequent mistake every other bride tends to make. They don’t eat well, more importantly- they don’t eat right! Reasons ranging from nervousness to something completely absurd like they don’t want to put on weight on their shaadi day and not fit into their lehenga, not eating right is also a major reason for experiencing fatigue. So, these are a few reasons of how every bride can cope with post-wedding blues, but there are other reasons as well, different from the ones listed above. Adjusting to a new home, people and surroundings is a whole new ball and more often than not, it tends to throw you off track.

Below is a list of a few points that will help you ease out the emotional stress.

Photo By: Robin Saini

Think of making every day exciting

Find ways of adding the fun element and staying connected with your spouse in many ways than one. You could just cook dinner for the two of you and instead of making it boring and mundane, spice it up by lighting a few candles and making it a beautiful candlelight affair. You could also plan a trip with your partner. It’s always better to focus on the small things that bring happiness, joy and strengthen the bond with your spouse.

Photo By: Robin Saini

Discuss it with your spouse

There’s a good reason why he’s called your ‘better half’ right? If anything is bothering you or a feeling of sadness is setting in, then make sure you share it with your husband. That way, you both can collectively come up with solutions to various problems, and sharing your innate feelings brings you both closer than ever!

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Do something you love

If you’re a great writer or you love cooking for your loved ones and coming up with new creative ideas for recipes, then this is the perfect time to pursue what you love. This would help you focus on something you’ve always wanted to do and at the same time, take your mind off the unnecessary post-wedding jitters and tensions.

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Stay connected with your parents

There’s always this feeling that a bride has to let go off her parents’ house while she gets accustomed to her new home. The fact is that she’s only going from one home to another, which definitely doesn’t mean that she has to abandon her parents’ home. Redefining your relationship with your parents post marriage brings in fresh perspectives and a new level of closeness.

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Just like a coin, every situation has two sides to it. It depends on which part you choose to reflect and act upon. There are many little things that you can look forward to, once you’ve tied the knot. Find ways of making your marriage exciting and think about all those times when you and your spouse had ‘secret meetings’ before marriage that the parents had no clue about. Remember? Smiled a little, didn’t you? If you are still sipping on that unhealthy cup of vanilla coffee and yawning at your seat, it’s time to get moving ladies!

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