Ways to Involve Your Best Friend in Your Wedding

There’s a reason they are your best friends, right? Even though you are not blood-related, you have been inseparable since the Paleolithic Era. You’re the crazy duo which shamelessly laughs at the most embarrassing moments yet supports each other through the rough patches. If that’s how you two have been over the years, then your best friend certainly deserves to be right next to you on the most important day of your life.

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The idea of making your best friend a part of your wedding is a concept that’s just gained momentum over the last few years. So, it’s no longer essential to have your parents plan the entire wedding while your best friend acts as a mere spectator. Here are a few ways where you can involve them in every activity leading up to your wedding day.

Distribute invitation cards

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When it comes to your relatives, your family can distribute invitation cards to them in a formal manner. But for your friend circle or office colleagues, you can ask your best friend to help you with the distribution of cards.

Help you with a couple of pre-wedding tasks

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It could be something as pivotal as wedding attire shopping, trials and fits, picking the right makeup artist or helping you pick out the right jewellery. Another pair of hands and opinion matter on such an important day!

They can plan the ‘sangeet’ function

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Your best friend can plan the whole sangeet function by picking the songs, deciding the rehearsal time, coordinating with everyone and coming up with fun ideas for a great affair.

Make sure they accompany you to the salon

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This way you both could have a day out and pamper yourselves completely. It could be an indulgent massage or a gold facial; the little spa time will make you glow like the sunshine while your friend looks like a million bucks!

Ask them for help while the mehendi function is on

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Your friend can handle your phone and attend those calls while you put mehendi. She can manage your hair if it is a hindrance and can help by applying nimbu and oil once your mehendi dries off.

Let them throw a bachelorette party for you

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Getting them involved in the most ‘fun’ and ‘entertaining’ night before your wedding day strengthens the friendship. It also lets the world know how close you both are. That way, your party would be a success, and enjoy to your heart’s content!

Ask them to lead in the ‘joota chupai’ function

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Your friend can be the one who leads others to participate while she steals the groom’s shoes and makes this ceremony an entertaining one. With energy and enthusiasm, the whole function can be turned into a nostalgic memory.

Have them stand by your side on your wedding day

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Your best friend has been with you since forever now, so why not have them stand beside you while you say ‘I do’. So, make sure they stay by your side from the beginning until the end of your wedding day.

Introduce them to your new friends and fiancée

This will give your friend a sense of belonging. Interacting with your new friends is really important as it helps them to bond better. All of them are guaranteed to turn the wedding into a grand affair. Also, getting to know your fiancée and his family is a great start to a new friendship.

Make them your go-to person

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Give them a few responsibilities; wherein, they can be a single point of contact if someone needs to convey a message to you. If you need a change of clothes or footwear, make sure you tell them that.

Pictures, pictures, pictures

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Both of you can recreate the magic of an old picture by posing the same way you’ll had done in one of your childhood photos. This way, you involve them in the biggest moment of your life. A picture speaks a thousand words, and it will bring you back to this fine day, years after you have forgotten about it.

Weddings are a joyous affair and to have your best friend by your side is an inexpressible feeling. From the pre-wedding nervousness to counting months, weeks and days, your best friend will keep you sane (literally) and try to make it as comfortable as possible.

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