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I often work within Internal Communication teams.

A couple of common phrases we comms people use are:

“We’re doing too much firefighting, not enough strategic (whatever).”

“What are the burning issues? What do we really need to cover?”

These roll-off-the-tongue phrases did not serve me well when I worked at a metropolitan fire service.

The tides roll in and roll out. The waves roil. The oak grows mighty from sapling.

The ebb and flow of life is everywhere; the interplay of ying-yang; the dance of Tao — the cycle is evident, and while flexible and ever fresh, it is constant. Change is constant. Growth is change.

You cannot point to the place and time an empire rose. You cannot point to the place and time an empire fell. The reasons are manifold; the cycle is ever the same.

Growth goes so far, and then enters decline. It was ever so, it will ever be.

There isn’t room for you at the top.

Not only because those at the top are fearful and therefore defensive (with the means to defend themselves), but also because there really isn’t that much room up there. No space, no foothold.

This in no way restricts your actions or ambitions. If you want to be an actor, act. If you want to be a writer, write. If you want to be in business, work your way up or launch your own.

By way of your passion, and the excellence you develop, you may even find you…


Fifteen years’ experience; internal communications and intranet consultant in UK. Comms strategy and execution. Founder of conference.

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