Your guide to treasure the #realmoment.

We all have to stop ourselves rushing around, responding to five different conversations on at least three different Social Media platforms. When was the last time you felt truly excited with a hint of nervousness? Don’t we all wish to go back to the days where we have trouble staying awake, cause the day was filled with so many new adventures?

I will throw a few ideas out there. Give it a go to add some excitement to your life:

1. Switch your phone to Absolute No Disturbance (no ring tone/ not even on vibration and absolutely no push notifications). Put it in your bag and only look at it at night. Did anybody sent you a rescue team because they couldn’t reach you? No, right! It took two days for me until my friend asked what was wrong with me.

2. Make an effort and speak to your friends in person. You will be surprised how good it feels to see their responds of a conversation in their facial expressions. Does it bring you more joy to you than a simple LOL? Thought so ;)

3. Speak to friends of friends or even total strangers for that matter. Hong Kong is one of the safest cities I know and if you are in doubt there will always be someone around to come to come to your rescue. Everybody has their own story and its always worth listening to. You never know if you share the same interests or are even have friends in common. For all you know he/she might get you interested in a new activity you always wanted to try.

4. Don’t judge, now or ever. First of, judging other people or constantly reflecting yourself makes you focus on the wrong thing! Too negative & totally irrelevant. There are far too many factors that come to play for people to ‘do or say’ certain things. Why would you want to waste your time thinking about it if it doesn’t affect you personally? Its time to be happy and share the happiness with people around you. Secondly, it might risk you a good friendship solely based on one incident. We all have our funny moments from time to time. It makes us “us”.

5. Force yourself to try something new at least once a week. What do you get out of walking the same route or eat the same dishes over an over again? Low, risk of being disappointed? Yeah, I get that! But what would you say if I tell you that not knowing is a kick in itself. A new route gives you new impressions that stimulates your mind into new directions. You should try it. You might even stumble across a cool new coffee shop none of your friends have discovered yet. Be the first to to break the news.

It’s time to get out there and share your take on it. #realmoments

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