Hopefully by now you’ll have seen the heartwarming and uplifting story from Yummy Cafe of an old man and his granddaughter reuniting at Christmas.

Described by the Irish Independent as “ Wonderful, Magical, Awesome and very moving !”

If you haven’t then treat yourself to this clip below, if you have, then read on to see how this real ‘David Vs Goliath’ moment of advertising was created.

Perhaps what many don’t know, is the story behind #Reunite and how it came to pass that a little family restaurant in Kerry, Ireland took on the ‘big boys’ in the race…

It’s more than change, for the sake of change

In the corporate and business world, I’ve often preached about the importance of self-branding, and awareness of how you are perceived. And, when I say ‘preached’ I do mean it. I guess its down to the journey I’ve been on in business, let me explain….

We all know that you shouldn’t care about how other people perceive you, and that the only opinion that matters is that of those closest to you. Me, I take it to heart, the slightest assertion or remark, I honestly take it quite badly. Whether it’s a struggle with self-confidence, or an issue of self-doubt…

These days almost every business is ‘using’ Social Media to go live, but very few are actually using it with any strategic plan to drive more business their way.

Facebook Live for Small Businesses

Do you really want to use Facebook Live effectively to get more sales? Then small businesses and organisations need to begin thinking like a TV broadcaster! Here’s some simple ways to make Facebook live work for your business.

Special Guests — Identify several influencers who will feature in your live broadcast. This doesn’t always have to be a blogger demanding a fee! Another business owner who shares the same target market…

A few weeks ago I was having a chat with one of the business owners I share a space with in HQ Tralee. We were talking for a short while about some of the benefits of being in business for yourself, and out of nowhere came the statement “We aren’t on Social Media for our business, and I’m not sure if we even need to be”

The Story behind the Business

For a moment I was dumbstruck, I guess for me it’s a given, every business needs to be on Social Media…there and then I thought about rattling off some of the statistics, some of…

Online and Instore

Much has been said and done to try and combat online retail killing off small stores…but at the end of it all ‘block n mortar’ retail still exists, and in some cases, they’re thriving!

So, why are some small independent retail stores doing well, while others are fading away?

Small businesses have a powerful point of difference that the majority fail to capitalise on.

They are small, they are family, they have personality. Large chains, that in many cases threaten the livelihood of small businesses, cannot really claim to be driven by the passion and story of any one person.

Retail & Service businesses have adapted well to Social Media and Blogging, the same cannot be said for most Consultants.

Guest Blog: WeeBiz Media

Many Consultants such as Accountants, Solicitors, Architects and Professional Advisors are at a loss as to how, or even why, they should integrate Social Media and Blogging into their Marketing mix.

Consultants are historically cautious in their move away from tradition, whether

  • it’s a misguided assumption that there is a ‘risk’ of exposure on Social Media, or
  • the uncertainty as to who will manage their Social Media communications, or
  • lack of clarity as to the real benefits that can be gained, or
  • reliance on the tried and tested referrals and ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing

The reality is, that your clients and prospects…

Ken Tobin

Marketing Strategy Consultant & Co-Founder of HQTralee

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