Everyone’ A Broadcaster

These days almost every business is ‘using’ Social Media to go live, but very few are actually using it with any strategic plan to drive more business their way.

Facebook Live for Small Businesses

Do you really want to use Facebook Live effectively to get more sales? Then small businesses and organisations need to begin thinking like a TV broadcaster! Here’s some simple ways to make Facebook live work for your business.

Special Guests — Identify several influencers who will feature in your live broadcast. This doesn’t always have to be a blogger demanding a fee! Another business owner who shares the same target market as you, but isn’t a competitor, works too! For example, if you own a Ladies Fashion boutique, why not get a local beautician to broadcast on your page with the latest beauty tips. Or if you’re a Hardware Store, why not get a local builder to broadcast some helpful DIY tips!

Discovery — Take your followers somewhere they’ve never been. If you’re attending a Trade Show, Seminar or a Supplier’s business, then broadcast live. Giving your followers insight into the latest news or trends. Not only does it build you up as the expert, but it shows the time and effort you put in behind the scenes.

Talk Show — Host a regular chat show live on Facebook and Instagram. Entice followers to tune in to avail of up to date advice, offers and incentives. Not only does it build up the awareness of your business, but it allows your followers to make a personal connection with you. It doesn't have to be you presenting the podcast, consider outsourcing to someone or have a number of your staff involved presenting it.

TOP TIP: Consider hiring a professional team to broadcast for you, poor quality filming on your phone with inadequate lighting can reflect poorly on your business!

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