Seymour Hersh Owes The World An Explanation For His Seth Rich Comments
Caitlin Johnstone

Hmmm, this is fascinating but…why should I believe Hersh? He spins an interesting tale but provides no evidence. It seems to me that if what is being speculated about here is true then Fox News wouldn’t disavow the story as ‘not meeting their standards’ and Wikileaks should at least come forward with some form of corroboration.

If Seth Rich was the source of the leaked emails and NOT Russian hackers supported by the Russian government, then why is Wikileaks being so shy about their source?

I’d say there is more evidence of this story being exactly what it seems to be which is a feeble attempt by people loyal to President Trump to divert suspicion or at least to muddy the waters.

The only thing any of this seems to indicate is that the source of the story , Hersh, won’t own up to what he said and since his source remains nameless the story can’t be validated.

You’re right, Caitlin; Hersh (AND Wikileaks) needs to own up to his (their)part in this and provide something with which we can verify this ‘story’. If he doesn’t, then we have nothing more than ‘I heard a story once…’ which, depending on what political side a person supports, accomplishes nothing more than confirming their bias.

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