Be Not Afraid Of Donald Trump: Be Afraid Of The People Who Support Him
Abby Norman

I won’t support Trump. Personally, I believe he is a fraud. I don’t believe he will or can do much of what he has promised — not that he might not try. But Trump exists because much of this country feels lost. They don’t understand our government and they are so busy trying to take care of their lives they don’t have time to dig in and try to mitigate the convoluted mess that politics has become in this country.

A lot of people detest Hillary Clinton and I can’t say they’re wrong in their feelings. She is a severely flawed candidate. She did not perform well as Secretary of State, some would consider her actions criminal. She has a troubled history when dealing personally with people in her own camp. Her reported actions when dealing with the women that her husband had affairs with are damning.

What Trump said to Billy Bush is vile but I find Bush to be the more detestable when after the conversation with Trump he actually pimps a co-worker by encouraging her to give Trump a hug and then whine for one himself. But Bush is not running for the presidency.

I disagree with many people that believe that all men talk like this — and I was raised around soldiers all of my life — but I’ve known enough that do, to understand why some people have become desensitized to it.

I won’t demonize everyone for supporting Trump, I believe some are racists and sexists, but only some. My own family has one sibling voting Clinton and one for Trump. The one voting for Trump is a decent human as is the one voting for Clinton. They have very different views of what this country needs in order to progress. They both have salient points; it is a shame that the two differing opinions cannot work together to negotiate a better future for this country. But demonizing either of them will assure that never happens.