You Won’t Be Able to Sue The Next Gawker
Cody Brown

I’m at a loss. This is the same media outlet that published a sex video of a celebrity without his consent and, even worse, the consent of the celebrity’s partner? Isn’t this the same outlet that outed Thiel?

I’m a woman and supported Gamergate — the movement that really was about trying to bring attention to the collusion and potential corruption of the media’s influence in development and promotion of independent games. It is a concern that gamers have had once our hobby, and in many cases livelihood, hit the ‘billions of dollars industry’ mark. Gawker and their affiliates chose to vilify everyone in the movement and refused to let anyone that ‘spoke’ the words ‘gamergate’ have a say in the comment section. A lead writer/editor made fun of one of our member’s (who happens to be neuro atypical) when he, in earnest, requested them to reevaluate Gawker’s position. This grown man who was suppose to be savvy enough to hold the position of editor gloated that he’d made our member cry and that it was ‘time to bring back bullying’.

We tried to present our position but Gawker and the likes chose to listen to the trolls that were pitting one side of the debate against the other and making the media and our movement look like idiots. I am having a hard time believing that Gawker has done much of anything to actually progress a real conversation forward. In our case they chose to bully and misrepresent, in Hogan and Thiel’s cases they set themselves up as moral authorities as if they were doing the lord’s work when all they accomplished was to shame people for things that were none of the public’s business.

Maybe the gloating in Silicon Valley appears hypocritical but to those of us that live and work in the other parts of the world, we feel that Gawker’s demise is past due. We will not mourn the festering corpse.

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