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I’m not sure that any of us (women) should be imagining another woman as our savior. Perhaps that is the fly in the ointment.

That you acknowledge that we (and by ‘we’ I’m assuming that you mean women) have been here many times is affirmation that women have been heroes, champions, warriors and leaders through time. I suspect not a single one was concerned with whether she would be singled out as a ‘savior’.

But if women do need other women that have: set agendas, controlled empires and lived long lives as successes there are many to choose from.

Hatshepsut, Empress Cixi, Elizabeth the First, and Catherine the Great. These are just a few women from different periods of time that led long lives that made huge changes in the world around them.

Women do not need saviors; we need to quit looking for them. And if we are inclined to judge any woman’s efforts, trials and tribulations based on what they gained or didn’t gain for our entire gender throughout history then I suspect the failure is in our unrealistic expectations rather than in her efforts.

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