I don’t agree with that.
Kady M.

I’m sorry, Kady that I’m late in responding to your comment.

You are right concerning the points about President Trump. The Church that I have intimate experience with is the Southern Baptist Evangelical. They are inclined to preach a rather gusty rhetoric of political fear-mongering that serves to pit believers against non-believers and other-believers.

Southern Baptist will very happily tell you that if you are not a Southern Baptist then you are not a ‘true’ Christian and that you will go to Hell. They judge the Pope as a ‘false prophet’ and the followers of the Catholic faith as idolaters.

It is a brand of Christianity that is rigid and dogmatic and, in the end, I found soul-crushing.

Admittedly, there are many different branches of Christianity, I was unfortunate to be drawn to one of the less Christ-like. That the Southern Baptist Convention and Va. Southern Baptist Conservatives are supporters of Liberty University makes me inclined to believe that there is a measure of hypocrisy here that grates.

But, as you say it is not anything new.

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