The “Mainstream” Media’s Trump-driven Existential Crisis
Austin Frank

The confirmation of Mattis and McMaster made me hopeful as well. And while I agree that there has been a definite slant to the coverage of Trump’s campaign and now President Trump’s administration, I think President Trump is the major contributor to the American public’s perception of him as a person/President.

I would love to believe that the press has completely misrepresented him as bully, small-minded, and inarticulate but we have his tweets and words during his campaigning and his recent rallies that speak for him.

Sean Spicer should be renamed Presidential translator since he has to consistently interpret ‘what the President meant when he said…”.

The ability to communicate effectively isn’t a skill that should be ‘desired but not necessary’ for the Leader of the most powerful nation in the world. That this president insists on ‘communicating’ with a redundancy of adjectives and inaccuracies does not bode well for this country or our allies.

I’d rather not think of what our enemies can make of such blatant hyperbole.

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