When White People Choose Fear… America Loses
Zaron Burnett III

The Twitter caps did little to buoy your point. To generalize that ‘reports of…’ is also bogus along with unverified stats and data. Its too easy to use any of these things to prop-up an argument and sound as if the argument is valid when it isn’t.

I didn’t vote for Trump and I’m white, and this nonsense that Trump won because of racism is missing a point and its a point that shouldn’t be missed because it will happen again if we do.

Did racists support Trump? I live in SC and I can verify that they did but I also have family and friends that voted for him and they are not racists. I understand that being a person of color means that skin color and your experiences of life may be the determining factor in your perception of what is happening but as a white person, I can vouch for a lot of my race that your skin color means exactly squat to us.

We care if you’re a decent human being. That means we truly don’t care if you’re black, brown have a penis a vagina or anything at all. When it comes to judging people and making decision that affect this country I care about the poor and disenfranchised that includes poor whites along with poor blacks and Hispanics or Latinos along with a rapidly shrinking middle class.

My family and friends voted for Trump because they’re sick of politicians that say what they know people want to hear and then seemingly get into office and say ‘fuck ‘em’. They didn’t fault Trump for his hateful rhetoric because they’ve heard politicians saying the same bull on ‘secret’ tapes exposed in the media. They’ve sat beside these people at functions and heard them whisper the same crap that Trump said out loud. Does that make it right? Hell no, it just means some people have become so jaded by bullshit that they don’t realize that excusing it is as good as validating it because they can’t see where its made a damn bit of difference in anyone’s life. In that respect, I think they may be in for a horrible awakening.

Let’s face it; when Trump proclaimed that he could shoot a person on 5th Avenue and no one would complain he didn’t specify the color of the victim’s skin. When he proclaimed that John McCain wasn’t a war hero — a man that spilled his own blood for his country and was tortured to near-death — he was talking about a white person and no one seemed to care. When he called Hillary Clinton a crook he was talking about a white person. The women that accused him of sexual misconduct and/or assault were white.

One other point should be made, and that is, that it appears that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote; that means that most of the people that voted, voted for Hillary Clinton.

So, now we sit here picking each other apart on ‘facts’ based on Twitter caps and others have been posting faux news from FB and YouTube…no wonder Trump won.

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