The planet’s entire history is one of hearing, witnessing, and struggling against white people’s ideas of race.
White People, It’s Time To Prioritize Justice Over Civility
Tauriq Moosa

This is the most audacious and fallacious statement I’ve read to-date in anything having to do with racism. I can’t imagine you have even the remotest understanding of world history.

Or do you suppose that the Egyptian Empire (that enslaved Hebrews) were white? How about the Ottoman Empire that enslaved Christian children to become the Empire’s feared Jannisaries?

How about the Chinese and Japanese that took turns enslaving each other?

None of these groups of people are white. These are the ones that come easily to mind. And in case you aren’t aware…whites have enslaved other whites. Do you even know when ‘white people’ came to have a real presence in the world?

You certainly must know that white people did not invent slavery or race and that every culture and civilization that has risen to power has done so on the back of enslaved races because they believed those people, having been conquered, to be inferior.

If your points, that started valid enough, have to be bolstered by such ignorant rot then you’ve demeaned your entire argument.

After all, its not as if white racists can’t be called out well enough using actual racist events.

In other words, pardon me, but your prejudice and ignorance is showing much like any other racist.