Photos: Berkeley Protest Against White-Supremacist Milo Yiannopoulos
Cirrus Wood

Well, as soon as you reference Sara Nyberg your credibility plummeted.

This article does what many articles have done and that is to fear monger; its no different than what Trump and his cohorts do when trying to stifle American concerns about his out-of-hand directives. Immigrants are Muslim…? They must be terrorists. Milo is offensive and outrageous he must be a white supremacist. This article does EXACTLY what Milo is hoping and that is making his 15 minutes stretch to infinity.

I don’t care for Milo, personally I think he’s taken his shtick to the point of absurdity and he was losing his audience until everyone got their panties in a twist about a white gay guy who says absurd things in order to induce outrage.

Do people have the right to protest? Absolutely. Do they have the right to prevent me or anyone else from an event that they find offensive? Nope. My freedom is your freedom and if this is the road we are going down then brace yourself because I have an idea that the current President would have no problem calling in the National Guard to assure that protests don’t get out of hand.

That adults are this easily manipulated by their sense of entitlement to not hearing things that they find distasteful is concerning. But if that is the way people want it then expect a backlash and there is always a backlash.

Milo will eventually go away if you folks let him. Of all the people I know that follow him they do so because he’s a novelty and they can count on him to irritate the delicate sensibilities of the young adults today which they find satisfying.

Milo is the most visible troll ever to rise from the Internet; outrage is his bread and butter and everyone that stamps their feet and raises their voice to drown him out is responsible for making him grotesquely fat.

But y’all have fun with that.

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