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Well said, and I recommend it to any progressive that believes that ‘equality’ could never be anything but bliss. As you say, the distinction is in pointing out the inequality of ‘equal outcome’ versus equal opportunity and legal rights.

Once laws were in place(in the US)making it illegal to practice discrimination based on sex/gender, race or religion, equality had been achieved as far as any government should dictate.

But I think the hypocrisy of most feminist/progressive attitudes is most easily illustrated by the demand for government funding of Planned Parenthood. They don’t want ‘your laws on my body’ but expect the same government to hand over the funds to support Planned Parenthood. Yet, they make a great deal of noise over the fact that the argument is really about women’s choice.

It is the very reason I do not believe that government should fund Planned Parenthood. It is not because I wish to control anyone’s reproductive choices; I do not, but many other taxpayers have differing beliefs and by virtue of paying taxes, that gives them a say.

As you say, it is all about the money.

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