I understand your position but your argument assumes that the Kremlin was involved in this…
Steve McGrath

Well, thank you for this. I try very hard to leave my dislike of President Trump as a person behind when considering him as our President. I didn’t vote for him but given the alternative I’m not unhappy he won.

I’ve been trying to put my finger on what it was about the emails that struck me as ‘unnatural’. That’s the only word I could think of when I read Goldstone’s part of the exchange. That Don Trump, Jr seemed much less effusive in his part of the exchange, compared to how it was being reported, seemed obvious but I kept going back to Goldstone.

Your comment highlighting the keywords is exactly what had been niggling at me. Why did he keep referring to Moscow? Who does that? Most people keep their texting to a minimum — I could argue we’ve created entire new ‘words’ to add to the English lexicon based on people’s not wanting to type things like ‘be right back’.

“…as she hasn’t landed yet from Moscow.” Really? How about ‘she won’t be here yet’ or Her plane won’t arrive by then? He goes to the trouble to write ‘Russia…Clinton…’ and then private confidential. Why not just ‘private confidential’?

I’m sure there is more that will come and there will be more parsing by the press but this was a welcome bit of calm in a way to emotions-driven narrative that is quickly becoming exhausting.

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