In Defense of Punching Cops
The DiDi Delgado

What a lovely story. You seem somewhat at odds with people that find your attitude ‘radical’. Why would anyone think that advocating people punching a person carrying a gun, wearing protective armor, and with a license to use that gun is a radical idea? I say lets call it what it is — stupid.

Now I have to wonder just what you deem as ‘harassing’ because if the cop was yelling at kids running up a sidewalk oblivious to other pedestrians or if they were running across a busy street endangering not only themselves but also drivers then absolutely he deserved a good punch in the face. Can’t have cops trying to control children’s usual sage and modest behavior.

That you friend punched him and ran off, grabbing a bus as a get away puts the icing on the cake. It took real guts to hit and run. And look what it accomplished! Wait. Oh, it didn’t accomplish anything, did it.

Never mind.

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